Big Lick Brewing  Free  Friday

Michael & The Pentecost

Michael & The Pentecost (Alt-country/Folk/Rock n roll/Americana) FRIDAY 6:30PM –“There’s a great, shuddering growl that seems to permeate through most of the great rock records. In fact, one might argue that when listening to a truly magnificent rock singer, it’s the purity of their growl that truly elevates them to the status of visionary. There’s […]

Big Lick Brewing  Free  Thursday


Whitehall (Indie Rock) THURSDAY 6PM –“I dare you to find a group of guys who has as much fun doing what they love as the members of Whitehall. What really strikes me about the band is that they were completely involved in the environment, bouncing energy off of each other in a way that radiates […]