Big Lick Brewing  Free  Friday

Michael & The Pentecost

Michael & The Pentecost (Alt-country/Folk/Rock n roll/Americana) FRIDAY 6:30PM –“There’s a great, shuddering growl that seems to permeate through most of the great rock records. In fact, one might argue that when listening to a truly magnificent rock singer, it’s the purity of their growl that truly elevates them to the status of visionary. There’s […]

Friday  Martin's

Lady Couch

Lady Couch (Soul/Rock/Jam) FRIDAY 10:00PM –“With a horn section that complements the guitar-bass-drums-keyboards bottom that soul bands have been using for decades, the group evokes, say, The Electric Flag and maybe even Sly and the Family Stone. There’s also a slight jam-band overlay that doesn’t get in the way of the album’s concise tunes, and […]