Liv Sloan & The Die Hards

Elmwood Park  Saturday

Liv Sloan & The Die Hards are an up-and-coming Martinsville, Virginia-based band. Led vocally by Olivia Martin (Liv Sloan), The Die Hards consist of 7 individually influenced members, having joined together during the summer of 2022. Working alongside Liv Sloan are Griffin Haley (guitar), Jeffrey Scearce (bass), Kollin Elliott (saxophone), Nick Haley (trumpet), Austin Janey (upright bass, keys), and Austin Gilbert (drums). Infusing the sounds of 50’s jazz and classic blues with a 70’s rock flair, The Die Hards’ energy provides a bedrock of sultry lead vocals, blues guitar, grounding bass, an accentuating horn section and infectious rhythm. Immersive, electric, and individual, you’re sure to leave the show with a lipstick stain on your heart.

Elmwood | Saturday, April 22