Martin's  Saturday

Captain Midnight

Captain Midnight Martin’s Downtown Tickets $10 Saturday, April 20; 10:00pm-1:00am The Captain Midnight Band is the world’s only known purveyor of “Waterbed Rock & Roll”. Crunchy Rock Guitar Riffs, Thick R&B Grooves, and Soaring Vocal Harmonies combine to create a unique soundscape for jammy anthems, sci-fi imagery, and humorous situations. The group’s diverse appeal has […]

Friday  Martin's

The Settlement

The Settlement Martin’s Downtown Tickets $8 Friday, April 19; 10:00pm – 1:00am “The Settlement is a jam band from Huntington, West Virginia. Cleverly combining hard rock riffs, jazz harmonies, funky bass lines, dreamy pop melodies, syncopated grooves and world music influences, this ensemble offers something for everyone. Each member has their own unique flavor and […]