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Spafford is a four-piece funky jam-rock band from Prescott, Arizona. Their captivating vocal harmonies, catchy and unique riffs, and ever-evolving, never static jam sessions are perking ears all around the country. Don’t miss their Sanctuary debut! Spafford are known for their astonishing improvisational ability and off-the-cuff extended jams, Spafford paints a picture in real-time each night with […]

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Kentucky Ruckus

KENTUCKY RUCKUS is a bourbon-fueled rock band from the Bluegrass State of Kentucky. After meeting in 2019, the newly acquainted quartet established themselves as Kentucky Ruckus and began turning heads with their rowdy live show. Kentucky Ruckus’ sound is founded on their genetic and musical inseparability catapulted by the raw energy and pure rowdiness of […]