Join DxDT for April 18-21

Freedom First Down by Downtown (DxDT) is April 18-21, 2024

Help us welcome music-lovers and runners (attending the Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon) to Virginia’s Blue Ridge from across the country and even the world. This is our chance to share our collective passions for hospitality, community, and live performance with thousands of visitors.

We’re looking for

1- Music venues who will host free or ticketed shows
2- Restaurants and breweries who will host live events – music, comedy, or any other live performance
3- Watering holes (bars and breweries) who will do drink specials or DxDT-themed menu items
4- Any and all businesses who cater to runners, music-lovers, or travelers who will offer specials or host live events
* Venues/businesses should be accessible from Downtown Roanoke by walk, bike ride, or short drive of no more than 5 mins.

Join in

Step One: Click here to fill out this form to be counted part of the DxDT team. No need to have all the details of your part ready just yet. All we need is to know you’re “in”.
Step Two: When you’re ready to submit the details of your show or offer, click here to submit them. With this information, we will include your business in our promotions at no cost to you.

How you will be seen

  • Your business logo and hyperlink on
  • Shows/offers included on the weekend schedule for Down by Downtown
  • Mentions on @downbydowntown social media and email newsletter
  • Inclusion of your show/offer in the Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon Race Guide (distributed to 3,000 runners and their friends and family)
  • BONUS: If you submit your business as a venue for a live show before February 9, you’re business will be listed as a venue on the festival poster distributed throughout the region

This is a collaborative event where venues/businesses benefit from the collective marketing effects of the DxDT festival weekend. There is no cost to submit anything and all shows and offers are the sole responsibility of the participating venue/business.


Click here to submit your business as a DxDT venue or participant.

Click here to submit shows or offers to the DxDT lineup.


DxDT is a project by the Roanoke Outside Foundation. We are a 501(c)3 with a mission to create economic growth throughout the Roanoke Region with signature events, strategic partnerships, and social offerings like the Freedom First Down by Downtown Festival.